Seattle Seahawks CHEATED in the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014?

If you watched this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII as a Broncos fan, the Denver performance seemed to be a complete letdown, something I’m sure no one expected… but was it really Denver’s own fault, or the undoing of the NFL’s star quarterback by the Seattle Seahawks?

Picture of Richard Sherman, Stanford-Educated NFL Seahawks Corner Back Injured

Richard Sherman, Stanford-Educated NFL Seahawks Corner Back

Richard Sherman, corner back of the Seattle Seahawks, claims that they were able to crack Peyton Manning’s hand signals and calls and were able to use that knowledge to their advantage during the game.

“We knew what route concepts they liked on different downs, so we jumped all the routes. Then we figured out the hand signals for a few of the route audibles in the first half,” states Sherman.

Picture of Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman Injured in the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman, Injured During the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

Cheating? Sherman doesn’t seem to think so, saying, “All we did was play situational football,” to Sports Illustrated’s blog.

Now, it may be an underhanded or a dirty trick to use in the Super Bowl, but it is not necessarily ‘cheating’ in the sense of the word. It was, however, the Seahawks finding a way to give themselves an enormous advantage over the Broncos, a tool that lead to the crushing defeat of the Broncos and the shifting of momentum way too far for Denver to recover.

Picture of Peyton Manning, Star Quarterback of the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

Peyton Manning, Star Quarterback of the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Broncos and star NFL player, appeared a bit off in the Super Bowl – a surprise to most people, as he has been in the spotlight many times before. It seems to be that the Seahawks signal-reading worked rather well, and definitely explains the unexpected performance by Manning and the Broncos, with a final score of 43-8. “It’s not embarrassing at all. I would never use that word,” Manning states after the game. “The word ’embarrassing’ is an insulting word, to tell you the truth.”

So, all in all, was it cheating for Seattle to crack Manning’s code? Not necessarily. Unfair? Definitely.

What do you think about the Seahawks method of playing the Super Bowl? Was it cheating or just strategy? Was it right for Seattle to do that? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


30 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks CHEATED in the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014?

  1. I knew there had to be more to it than what we (fans) were aware of for the Seahawks to beat the Broncos. They simply were not good enough to beat Peyton & the Broncos on their own. The fact that they cheated, in order to win, tells me the Seahawks agree with me.

  2. Give me a break! If you don’t want teams to figure out your signals, then you should work on getting better ones. The Seahawks are not only more talented than the Broncos, they are also smarter. Get over it!

    • Why is it that no other team in the NFL was able to “crack Peyton Mannings hand signals”. Was it because the Seahawks are so much more intelligent than the rest of the league? I don’t think so.

      It seemed to me that they not only jumped the receivers routes, but they knew the play before the ball was snapped.

      Granted, Seattle does have a great defense, but, none of them are able to predict the next play, which they seemingly did. Could there be another reason for their ability to know what play was called before the ball was snapped? It is possible that with all the new technology, perhaps some unauthorized hacking went on with the Seattle coaches. As we all know, it wouldn’t be the first time Pete Carrol had a hand in doing something that others might find to be a flaw in one’s character.

      • No one wants to talk about the molestation of the the Denver receivers. Check Google past comments by other teams that have played the Seahawks. I am not a Denver fan, I actually like the Seahawks, but love football played well even more. I played QB in my playing years and continue to coach. But even the past head of officials confirms that the Seahawks are getting away with murder. They are a great defense, but it is the ‘clutching and grabbing’ without impunity that is allowing them to beat the better teams. Every play they hold, and interfere. Some of the past comments are that they have perfected the art of interference. They know that only a small percentage of calls will be made. On top of that less calls generally are made in the playoffs. Hence, even good offenses like Denvers will not fair well. The combination of ‘clutch and grab’, and pass rush is an unbeatable combination. The only teams that did anything against the Seahawks, had running QBs, or are a running team. Most pocket passing teams regardless of receiving core, or QB bit the dust. If you watched the game, Manning never had a chance. He had few receivers open, especially early as they are accustomed to. He was under duress the entire game, because receivers did not get to their spots. Funny how this is the only team they played that was successful in this way. Seahawks are a good team, but the league has a problem developing with them. If they do not get called for their consistent and obvious infractions, it will change play in the league. It is not just their aggression and athletic prowess that is helping them win. Nor is it that they are smarter then any of the other teams. They are aggressive and have a blatant disregard for the rules. Just replay the game and have a look. If you called them for all that they do, you would be stepping off every play. Also, they should be called for taunting most plays. The league in general has a problem with ‘taunting’, or getting into your face after the whistle. but these are the poster boys for ‘taunting’. They seem totally unable to go back to the huddle after the whistle. They do it so much that it is getting over looked. Basically, they are bullies on the field. The officials are intimidated, and opponents know it. I have played, coached, and watched this game for years. It has given me great joy. I just don’t want it to become a ‘rugby scrum’. or a wrestling match.

      • Really. You think Pete Carroll is a cheat? No we Seattle fans know we won fair and square. It’s situational football. Like chess dude. We won and that’s that. Don’t be “mad bro!”

  3. If you buy/sell stock based on insider information, you can be charged and sent to prison. If you hack someone’s phone/computer or obtain their mail and use the information to harm them or force them to do something, it’s called extortion or blackmail. But apparently you can play a football game with inside info, no matter how obtained, and it’s OK?

    The first play was a huge unforced error on the part of the Broncos. But most of the rest of the game was not played in a sportsmanlike manner. It was played based on insider information or deciphering the Broncos signals, giving the Seahawks foreknowledge of what the Broncos were going to do. If I KNOW ahead of time what my opponent will do, then it’s not a true head-to-head competition.

    If that’s how you want to win your games, Seahawks, go ahead. But there will always be that asterisk in my records.

  4. Another thing that made me very mad is the way the Sea-Chickens kept on purposely stripping the ball, instead of just tackling the ball carrier. They would run up (usually with another defender behind the Bronco) and instead of tackling him they would jam their hands in and deliberately strip the ball. NOBODY can hang onto a football when someone does that, and the NFL really ought to make it illegal. If the ball comes out due to a hard hit, I can agree that is a fumble, but this deliberate stripping of the ball is horse-corn and ought to be penalized.

    • You are absolutely retarded if you really believe in your logic. The goal of any good defense it prevent yardage and create turnovers. Every defense in the NFL is taught to strip the ball. Some are just better than others.

  5. He just said in a interview that they were helped by other players from different teams,he says that players from opposing teams help them decipher Peytons hand signals.

  6. Oh well… We have another matchup at Seattle in 2014. Im sure that the Denver Broncos will beat the Seahawks 43 to 8 and get back at those big bullies. Now that they know all the Seahawks tricks, yeah right!! Ha Ha. People forget that a offense has to practice against their own defense. Thats why the hawks are so good. The defense only scored 9 points against denver. The Hawks offense beat denver’s defense. And Seattle never bought in to the media hype like The broncos did. The Broncos came to that game thinking they were un beatable. Seahawks will always play as the underdog. Again Get over it and improve…Learn from your mistakes. Good luck next year

  7. Seahawks did steroid? they caught 8 time again? what did have done about that it.
    Sherman undraft after steroids to win and booster elite shut down?.

  8. If it looks like crap, smells like crap, feels like crap, and taste like crap then it probably crap! No one is saying it but everyone is thinking it so I’ll say it, The Seahawks cheated! Sorry but no one can hold the Bronco offense to 8 points without knowing what’s going to happen before it happens. Someone some how got in possession before the game what the call’s, signals, or plays where going to be. Some one in the Bronco organization maybe but someone talked. Some guy at the practice field secretly recording? All it takes is one player in the loop to make a lot of money and that’s exactly what happened. I’m sure there are some very smart people in the NFL and no one but Seattle in the Superbowl can “crack” the Bronco’s offensive code? I don’t think so.
    There is no way they could jump the routes. Payton would be all over that! They watch DB’s that anticipate routes at take advantage of it with many different ways. Seattle knew the plays the Denver was going to run or they knew what the signals would be. That is the only logical and possible explanation for what happened.
    Even without knowing the plays I’m not saying Denver could have won; Seattle is a very good team but really? 40 to 8? At least Seattle cold have been smart about it but they made it obvious. It’s not the first time this has happened and wont be the last . Even Denver got caught a few years ago recording practices of opposing teams.

    • It’s now 2017, nearly 3 years from your comment, Jeff. We have recently seen a college coach betray his own team, his alma mater for which he coached and worked. I don’t put it past any NFL coach to betray his own team. .

  9. This may not be considered REAL cheating, but it makes the game not fun and unfair. Who knows, maybe they are just using this as an excuse because they REALLY stole the broncos playbook, or were spying on denver’s practices. Now, don’t hate on me, because I said those things, I
    am just saying what COULD HAVE happened. But, if you think about it, EVEN if it’s not considered real cheating, it makes the game not fun and unfair.

  10. They found out about ALL of the hand signals? They must have more than 40 offensive plays, and they cracked it all in one game? Right, the seahawks cheated. They found out the first play Manning called and made him snap the ball early. Of course. They have superpowers. So 43 points by finding all their plays. If they found all their plays, how did they score the 8 points huh? Yep. Mind Blown. —- Go Seahawks.

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